About us


First in the world - APIS company in 1992 released a worldwide unique product - The Catalogue of Currencies. Shortly after its commercial success followed the installation of the first biometric Time and Attendance system (1995).

What we are unique about

Research, development and production of reference databases of currencies and ID documents. Research, development and production of identification systems based on direct (biometrics) and indirect (RFID, OCR) identity.


Over 25 years of tradition, export to more than 50 countries in the world, more than 1 500 orders.


Unique, innovative and intuitive solutions. More software than a hardware :-).


Remote support
Remote support

The service will allow you to share your computer desktop in real time via the Internet with our support staff. To use remote APIS support, simply download a small ApisQS_sk.exe program and run it. Installation is not required.

QR-code APIS contact to your smartphone
QR-code APIS Contact to your smartphone

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